There Are a Lot of Green Things Growing Over Here!

We are almost three weeks into growing our first family vegetable garden, and we are having good results so far. All of the plants that we started over two weeks ago have now sprouted (the green peppers were the last to pop up from that group; just as I was starting to worry about them, they started peaking through the soil!).



Last Sunday, we started our second group of plants which includes two kinds of tomatoes and some lavender. None of those have sprouted yet, so they are still under their plastic “greenhouse” cover. Once they begin sprouting, the cover will be removed, and they will find a sunshiny spot in a windowsill too.


I’ve been researching natural remedies, and I have found that dried lavender is potentially useful for things from digestion/anti-bloating, to keeping  your dresser drawers smelling fresh and keeping the moths away (which is a problem I’ve never actually experienced… Does that really even happen?), to a calming aide for better sleep. These uses are all supposedly due to the relaxing properties in the lavender. Of course, be sure you do your own research before you go munching on a bunch of lavender flowers. (I do have a Lavender Butter Cookie recipe from a friend that I can’t wait to use! They are YUM.) This is all knowledge that I’m just beginning to acquire, and by no means am I an expert, but it’s very interesting!

One of the most pressing reasons that we wanted to start a vegetable garden this year is to get back to eating more “real” foods. There are so many digestive issues out there that really can be solved or soothed by simply getting back to the foods that God and his natural creation has provided us. It makes sense, doesn’t it? When humans get ahold of something, we try to alter it, process it, to fit it for our own agenda or convenience, and doing so takes away some of the natural, perfect properties of the food. The more wholesome foods we can get our hands on, the better off our bodies will be. Simple. And what a rewarding experience it will be to get to eat the “fruits” of our labor. 😉

Stay tuned: the next step is to plant these babies (and more) into the GROUND!

Have you started a garden this year? How is it going for you so far? Please share your tips and tricks with us below! I love learning from YOU.


11 Comments on “There Are a Lot of Green Things Growing Over Here!”

  1. SnapInTime says:

    Fantastic! We have a lot coming up here too… Veggies started inside, and flowers coming up outside, love this time of year!

    • Laura says:

      Beautiful. I’m loving it. Now this weird Midwest weather needs to settle into a warm, wet spring so we can plant outside! Temps dropped last night below freezing again!! Thank goodness we waited to plant outdoors.

      • SnapInTime says:

        Yeah we are zone 6 here in New England, so while we will get a lot of warm days in the coming weeks, frost danger won’t pass for another 4wks or so. My grandfather always waited till after the full moon of May to plant things vulnerable to frost so that is what I do now as well.

  2. muddledmom says:

    We don’t have a lot of success with gardening. Deer get what does grow. But we do get some tomatoes and peppers to grow in pots on our deck. This year we are going to try a produce service that uses only local farms. I’m curious to see how that turns out. Good luck with your garden! Looks like you’ll have a bounty!

    • Laura says:

      Oh I hope little critters don’t get to ours. :-/ That’s one of the worries that I have. A friend told us to brush our dog really well and scatter her fur all around the plants to help keep deer and raccoons away. Interesting! Worth a shot, I suppose. We may be going the produce service route next year if this is all a bust in the end! I’ll blog about it one way or another! 🙂

      • SnapInTime says:

        We’ve had issues with deer in the past. We live in a very rural area so we have animals of all kinds here. Animal hair (or your own- save it from haircuts) stuff in a nylon and tie it to plant stakes may help. You can also repel them by spraying the plants with various homemade mixtures- they STINK but are safe on plants we want to eat. (Google deer repellant, most are a blend of eggs- they don’t like the protein, garlic cloves &/or hot peppers- they don’t like the smell, and water or milk; blend up the ingredients and strain, reapply as needed after rain, etc.) We have a fence for our back garden and use pots on our deck. The deer don’t eat the stuff on the deck, they don’t come that close.

      • muddledmom says:

        If you find you have deer, put a fence up. It will help. We put a plastic gnome in front of a tomato plant they kept getting and that seemed to do the trick too.

  3. glad to see they are growing well! 🙂 I love your second picture we can really see it! can’t wait to see how everything will turn out!

  4. Look at you – Ms. Green Thumb. I am so not that person. I thought my wife was that person but that does not seem to be either.
    Enjoy your garden and the natural food. I am sure the veggies will be delicious.

  5. We are planning on starting a veggie garden this year too! We even have a large raised bed with trellis in the back yard, which I’m pretty sure was built specifically as a veggie garden. I want to teach the boys where their food comes from, plus it’s pretty fun watching the food grow! Lavender is great for heaps of stuff. Lavender essential oil is a good all-rounder to make things smell nice and it supposedly is relaxing, but the best lavender thing I ever had was a lavender cupcake! Highly recommend trying one if you ever get the chance.

  6. naimavanswol says:

    I just started my seeds. I’m so paranoid that they won’t grow. I don’t know why! Good luck on your garden it looks amazing.

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