Find Your Inner Strength

 “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

When I tell people that my son has cystic fibrosis, I often get the same responses:

“Oh, that’s so sad.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“Poor little guy.”

Feelings of sorrow and sympathy are the natural reaction to hearing that someone’s loved one is ill. I react the exact same way.

Except when it’s  you or your loved one, you tend to feel differently. When we heard the news, yes, it was sad. You get the bad news, and then you say, “Okay. What do we do now?” As a parent, we have no other choice. I know sometimes parents of a child with a serious or chronic illness get down. We feel bad for what our children go through. It hurts to watch them struggle. But we can’t afford to let it keep us down. We can’t afford to accept the sympathy that comes with the disease. Because then, we are letting that disease define us. CF is something my child has, it’s not who he is. So he has some extra pills to take every day. So he has breathing treatments and airway clearance techniques to do every day. That’s just something his body needs. It’s not who he is.

I hear all the time, “He’s so lucky to have such a strong mom like you.” I don’t always feel strong. Sometimes I feel very weak and vulnerable. But when there is something that needs to be done for my kids? That’s when I become strong. That’s when I take better care of myself. That’s when I won’t let the sympathy seep in.

It’s easy to be sad. To complain. To say life sucks. To say life isn’t fair. But that’s not good for us, and it’s not good for our children. Bad things have happened to you. Bad things are going to happen to you again. But it’s who we are inside, our inner strength, that can make those bad things get better.

Be strong, moms and dads. Be confident that you can take care of your children the best that you can. Find the best parts of you inside, and bring those out to light, so that you can shine that light on your children when they need it.

Please pray for my little guy at clinic this coming Monday. I am happy to say that last time, his growth was at the 70th percentile (last time we were hoping to get above the 50th… Little over-achiever!) and his throat culture showed NO germs which is fantastic news. No germs in his throat means there are likely no germs stuck in his lungs. He is a healthy and happy little boy!

Have a happy weekend, everyone!


5 Comments on “Find Your Inner Strength”

  1. I really like the line – But we can’t afford to let it keep us down. We can’t afford to accept the sympathy that comes with the disease. Because then, we are letting that disease define us.
    It’s very true. We have to stand up, take action, and make the best of each situation. Cliches sure but true.

  2. muddledmom says:

    Totally agree with the comment above. For the sake of your child, you have to be strong. Give him a chance to show you who he is and not define him by his sickness–I think every parent could apply that to her child in some form. Good luck Monday. I hope it’s good news.

  3. Well said. A disablity or health is issue is not what defines your child or you as a parent. Your words ring true for any parent who has issues of challenge with their child.

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