Getting Sticky! Sensory and Creative Art

I love a good, fun mess. I may not love the aftermath, but the process of creating the mess is worth the trouble of cleaning it up afterwards. With that in mind, you need to be a brave soul to try the simple but oh-so-messy sensory and creative art activity that I am sharing today!

When children are very young, creative art is as much about the sensory aspect of it as it is the creativity. For older children who already know how to manipulate a wide variety of materials, art can take on a much deeper level of creativity. They can really focus on what they are creating, because they already know how to create. For that reason, it is vital to a child’s creative expression that they are allowed to experience frequent, simple, and variable creative opportunities when they are small. So far my little guy has used washable markers, crayons, a paintbrush, finger-paints, watercolors, paper, tissue paper and glue during art activities. Today, I wanted to let him explore something really tactile and different. So I made a simple, sticky solution of corn syrup, food coloring, and just a splash of water (to thin it out a bit and make it easier to manipulate) for him to explore.

Stir in just a dash of water with the corn syrup and food coloring. You don’t want it to be too runny.

Then I got my little guy into just a diaper (you could also use a paint smock or old shirt for older children) and put him in his “art” chair. A highchair would work just as well for babies, and older children can sit on a drop cloth on the floor or at a table that is easily cleaned. Keep in mind that the easier the work surface is to clean, the better for you post-activity!

I put some of the corn syrup mixture onto a piece of card stock (you can also use construction paper) and let him spread it around to his little heart’s content!

“Okay, Mom, I’m done. Enough with the pictures.”

A quick scrub in the sink with warm water and soap, and we were sticky-free! When the corn syrup mixture dries on the paper, it’s a really shiny, 3D sort of effect, which is pretty neat to hang on the wall or fridge for them to look at their own artwork later.

**What kinds of creative activities do you and your children enjoy? I’m linking up with the Weekly Kid’s Co-Op, so be sure to check out some of the wonderful activities shared here as well!**


6 Comments on “Getting Sticky! Sensory and Creative Art”

  1. Chris says:

    We love doing sensory crafts and activities! Every weekend we do a different sensory activity; finger painting, shaving cream art, creating artwork with different painted objects(golf balls, sponges). It’s so much fun and a learning process as well:)

  2. I like this activity. Little children love things that are sticky. Your little son is a cutie pie.

  3. Great activity! 🙂 I will try this today with my 16 month old boy! thanks for sharing! 🙂

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