Feel Good Friday: BFFs, Catching Up, and Baby Boy

I’m so happy that it is Friday! My big boy was not wanting to go to school this morning, because his “BFF” was not at school yesterday, and school isn’t as fun without his BFF. But he went off to school anyway, and I even got an “I love you” and a smile before he closed the car door, so I feel good about that.

I was also able to catch up quite a bit on my big boy’s scrapbook this week. I’m slowly but surely making my way through the enormous stack of photos that I have stockpiled over the years, and that feels so good!


It also feels good that today, my baby boy is four months old, and he is just as happy and healthy as he can possibly be. We are crossing our fingers for positive reassurance and affirmation coming up at his CF clinic appointment on Monday, so please say a prayer for the little guy this weekend if you think of it!

Happy little fella.

I also received some wonderful news last night that my sister and her boyfriend are expecting a baby boy in February! I’m so thrilled that my baby boy and my first nephew will be only nine months apart in age. I’m sure they will be great little cousins and friends. And that feels so good.

Have a happy weekend! 🙂

What do you feel good about today?


5 Comments on “Feel Good Friday: BFFs, Catching Up, and Baby Boy”

  1. Chris says:

    So cute your son has a BFF! Such exciting news for your brother, what a special bond cousins share. You will love being an Aunt:)

    • Thank you! I know, it’s very cute all these new phrases he is picking up at school. Nothing bad yet, thankfully! 😉 I’m just happy to know he’s getting along with the other children in his class!

  2. Good luck to your son on Monday. I will try to keep him in mind.

  3. Good luck on Monday. Let us know how things went. Oh how I wish I was motivated to do a scrapbook. I love the idea, but never seem to get around to doing it. The photos for the big guys are still in boxes. Maybe someday…

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