At Three Months Old…

**Warning: You are about to be bombarded with a ton of cute baby pictures.**

My baby boy is growing, growing, growing! It’s been a while since  I have given an update on him, and I wanted to let everyone know that his health is doing extremely well right now. CF symptoms don’t typically begin surfacing until they are a bit older, but other than an occasional cough, his health is pretty much perfect so far. His weight gain is right on schedule, as his height/weight ratio was at 49% at his last clinic visit, when the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation recommends that it be at 50%. We hope to cross that fiftieth percentile mark at his next visit in September, but that number is up from 17% when he was three weeks old. Between nursing well and the addition of special vitamins and enzymes to his diet, he is growing exactly as he needs to.

Developmentally speaking, he is also chugging along right on track. Although there is a huge range of what is developmentally “normal” (having a baby with special needs has made me dislike using that word!) at this age, all of the things that experts say a baby “might” be doing by three months old, my little guy is doing them.

He’s rolling over from his tummy to his back, and he’s lifting his chest off the ground while resting on his elbows during tummy time.

“What’s up with all the flashes today, Mom?” PS-He LOVES this little radio that sings nursery rhymes and spins when you punch it in the nose.

He makes eye contact and has a lot of coos, giggles, shrieks of joy, and a new “gurgle” sound that he has learned to make. He recognizes his dad, big brother, and me, and he greets us with a big toothless smile!

Talking to Mama.

He’s rolling from his back to his side (this one is very recent!). He has found his hands and loves to put them together or put them in his mouth.


He’s swatting at and grasping for toys. He’s opening and closing his hands, and he can also hold onto and shake toys and sometimes put them to his mouth. When he gets ahold of something, he has a pretty strong grip! (Just ask my hair…)

“I got him!”

Another of his faves. We call them Mr. Orange Giraffe and Mr. Blue Giraffe. (Creative, I know.) He pretty much ignores the ball in the middle.

He likes being read to and looking at books. As long as he’s not hungry or sleepy, he will sit still and listen to just about anything I read to him. Sometimes, he likes to give me his input and read along with me. (He is definitely going to be a talker like his brother! And his dad. And his mom… No wonder?) 🙂 Some of our favorite things to read are:

Sandra Boynton books. The sing-song words of her stories are so much fun to read to a baby.

Books that have bright colors and bold illustrations.

Books with textures. He loves making the books crinkle or feeling soft fur.

Magazines. Sometimes I read the articles to him, sometimes I just point out interesting pictures and talk about what he sees.

He listens and looks just as intently with magazines as he does with board books. Babies love real photographs. He seems to particularly enjoy pictures of space, weather, faces, and animals.

And we can’t forget an all-time favorite at this age: Peek-a-boo! He also loves other interactive games and songs like “Pat-a-Cake,” “The Itsy Bitsy Spider,” and this fun exercise game that goes to the tune of “Wheels on the Bus!”

“Where’s the baby….?”

“There he is!”

He loves sensory activities. He isn’t afraid to get messy with paint, crinkle some tissue paper, or splash in water! He also has started following things with his eyes, and he loves to watch me blow bubbles while he’s in the bathtub! Also, with being able to sit supported and better head/neck control, he is able to use his Bumbo seat (or a highchair works just as well) to do this!

“Sorry about the couch, Mom!” PS-As long as it’s washable paint, a baby wipe will probably get it out. Feel free to do messy activities away from furniture and carpet if you want an easier cleanup…

“Hey, that’s a neat sound!”

Some other things he’s loving right now are:

  • Flying through the air like an “airplane” or Super-baby. He just squeals with delight at this game!
  • Going outside. He gets so quiet when we do anything outdoors. We love to sit on the porch or walk around the yard and talk about how the wind feels, what the birds and bugs sound like, and watch a car or two go by.
  • Music and dancing. I already mentioned the toy radio that he loves, but he also loves when we sing nursery rhymes or lullabies. I also like to put on some dance tunes and hold him as I dance around the living room. And other times, I put on some classical music to relax to.
  • Being tickled. He loves “This Little Piggy” and being tickled when the littlest piggy goes “Weee Weee Weee” all the way up to his armpits!
  • The stroller. I went on my first run with the jogging stroller last week (that is SO hard to do!), and while he slept through most of that, he does enjoy a leisurely walk in the stroller, just taking in the world around him.
  • Snuggles. He is doing so many new things, but one thing that hasn’t changed yet is his love of being held, rocked, hugged, and kissed. He’s my little cuddle bug, and I hope that doesn’t change for a while!

So there you have a day in the life of our three-month-old! I hope you enjoyed it, and if you did, I will be posting another one at his six-month mark. It will be here before we know it.


6 Comments on “At Three Months Old…”

  1. Nice. Continue to enjoy him through all his stages.

  2. Chris says:

    Adorable! Sounds like he is doing great despite CF! I pray he continues to do so well:)

  3. Peachy cute. Glad to hear he is doing well.

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