Our Life has Changed.. But Not Our Outlook!

We received unexpected, life-changing news last week: our newborn baby boy has been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. We go to get our five-year-old tested next week, as this is an inherited disease in which symptoms can start at any age and vary from person to person. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I plan on keeping this blog going with the same goal and purpose: bringing our family (and possibly yours!) closer together. I may be adding an additional blog about our personal experiences with CF, raising awareness, and other similar topics. Talking and writing about it really helps sort out my feelings, which is a tool I would love to pass on to our children someday.

Thanks for understanding if there is a long break in my blogging (again!) while we get a handle on this disease!

Please visit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to learn about this disease that effects 30,000 children and adults (and their families) in the United States and help spread awareness.

**UPDATE: Our five-year-old tested negative for Cystic Fibrosis. He just gets to be our little helper for his baby brother. Thank the good Lord for that!**


5 Comments on “Our Life has Changed.. But Not Our Outlook!”

  1. The Water Bearer says:

    I am so sorry to hear of your awful news. A dear friend of mine has a son with CF and without faith she struggles under the heaviness of it. I am sending prayers your way to remind you that He is your strength when you are weak. And that this place is only a temporary stepping stone where we are brought into challenges of character we never thought we’d make it through. When you reach your wits end, thats when God begins. Bless you all and keep the faith. xxx

    • Thank you. He truly is our Rock to stand on. The Lord knows we’re going to need him, now more than ever. I love the way you put that… Life on Earth builds our character and strengthens our relationship with Him so that we have Heaven to look forward to. Still, I can’t help but to hope that Heaven is still very far away for my children, and life on Earth is not neccessarily easy for them, but enjoyable.

      • Yes we certainly do need joy in life down here too. Somehow, no matter how bad things seem, we manage to find some joy when we have faith. I try to teach my girls to find joy in the small things and let the disappointments fall away. Sometimes the things we think matter actually don’t at all, and things we didn’t see as important are filled with joy that we might overlook. Perspective is everything and a Godly perspective is indeed the best kind.

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