Everything is Going Green.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! For the past two years, my family and I have ventured downtown to watch the big St. Patrick’s Day parade, and we have always enjoyed it. Yet this year, we somehow were not feeling up to the journey. We live over an hour away from the nearest city that would host such a celebration. When we considered the hour-plus drive, rising gas prices, and the fact that I’m pregnant somewhat lazy, we decided to spend St. Patrick’s Day in the comfort of our home. But we still managed to have some “green” in our day!

The weather here has been gorgeous all week, and this morning was no exception. From the warmth of the sun all week and the occasional rainstorms, the grass is growing and turning from dead and brown to a lush green, and our fruit trees are sprouting their colorful little buds. The birds have been singing and chasing each other nonstop, like they are all “twitterpated” (any Disney fans? That’s what they call it in Bambi!). Spring is here, indeed! And I love what spring means for my family, as mentioned in a previous post.

So we spent our St. Patrick’s Day morning playing outside right alongside Spring and its natural green. It took a bit of coaxing for our five-year-old. He was more inclined to watch Saturday morning cartoons in his bedroom, but we were not about to let him miss a morning full of outdoor play like today! So he gathered up some trucks and G.I. Joes and took them out for some sun and fresh air, while my hubby and I sat reading on the porch. It was lunchtime before we knew it.

After lunch, our son wanted to have some T-Ball practice, although truth be told, our five-year-old prefers us to pitch to him, so there was no “T” involved. He is admittedly quite good at it! This will be his second season of T-Ball, and I’m hoping his knowledgep and experience of the game will bring out the natural leader that he likes to be once he gets over his initial shyness, so that he can be helpful to some of the younger players on his team this year. Our family loves this sport, and we are all excited for it to start!

And then the rain began. We had to take a break from practice, because while none of us are bothered by a little rain, holding a metal bat with lightning flashing in the distance just didn’t seem like a good idea. So we ventured indoors to the TV to flip back and forth between NASCAR and Spring Training MLB. Whether it was the flipping of channels, the exercise, or the fresh air, our son soon fell asleep for an afternoon nap. We took advantage of the opportunity, and turned it into a nap for the whole family, which is a very rare event in this household! I highly recommend it, should you ever be so lucky as to fit one into your own family’s busy schedule!

By the time we all woke up, the rain had ceased, and our stomachs were on empty. The perfect time for grilling. After we ate a delicious combination of Alfredo pasta topped with grilled chicken and a side of green beans, we moved onto our next green adventure: starting a garden! This will be our first garden as a family, and although it’s going to be a lot of work, we are all excited and invested in it. We started tonight by planting our seeds that need to begin growing indoors: broccoli, green peppers, jalapeño peppers, and onions. Our son really liked helping us, and we talked about the next steps to come of watering, planting, weeding, harvesting, and eating. He’s very interested in the parts that involve getting dirty, and somewhat unsure about the eating of some of the vegetables, but we can worry about that once we see some progress in the plants. I feel my thumbs turning green already!

While this St. Patrick’s Day didn’t feel particularly special or much like a holiday, it was a great day for my family. We enjoyed our own version of “being green” today very much! Maybe next year we will venture back out into the city’s celebrations… Or maybe we will choose again to stay close to home.

I hope you enjoyed the day with your loved ones as well!


One Comment on “Everything is Going Green.”

  1. Chris says:

    What a fantastic way to spend St.Patricks day with your family! I spent the holiday with my family as well, surprising my Dad with a birthday party! It was wonderful to be close at home with family and friends;) please post your recipe for your chicken Alfredo! It sounds delish!

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