Doing Chores in the Rain

Sounds a little crazy, but this is what we did after supper this evening! My husband gets home before my son and I do, and today he was working on our front yard (what a good man!). Living in the country, we were blessed to buy a home that was built in the late 1800s with several tall, beautiful trees shading us from all around. The only downfall to the landscape of our yard is that we get a lot of large sticks that fall from these mature trees. With the weather being so nice lately, we decided to go outside after supper to pick up sticks in the yard, which is one of the few chores that we have given our son. While some chores like cleaning up his toys, helping to put clothes in the laundry, or feeding our dog are part of his responsibility to our family, Daddy pays him for helping with yard work. The bigger the pile of sticks, the more money he earns.  Giving children age-appropriate chores allows them to see that taking care of a family and a home requires some work, it gives them pride and a feeling of ownership in their home, and also teaches them the importance of taking care of the things that belong to us.

This evening of outdoor chores was particularly enjoyable for me.  As our son collected his share of sticks, I enjoyed watching the way that he would turn it into a game, playing with many of them in various ways before tossing them into a pile. It made me think of Mary Poppins and her “Spoonful of Sugar” song: “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and SNAP! The job’s a game!” The temperature outside was probably in the mid-fifties, a cool but comfortable evening. Every so often, it would start to lightly rain, which didn’t seem to bother my hard-working child at all, until for a few minutes, the rain started to come down pretty hard. At that point, Daddy stayed in the yard, but our son came up onto the porch where I was sitting with our cat on my lap, and our dog followed right behind him. And we were all… silent… for a few minutes. Just listening to the rain fall around us. It was such a great little moment that made me truly grateful for the family that I have. When the moment was over, our son went back to his chore, and I found myself daydreaming about Spring so quickly approaching and all of the outdoor fun that it brings to our family.

Sometimes, the quiet moments speak the loudest to us about what we really love and appreciate in life.


One Comment on “Doing Chores in the Rain”

  1. […] The weather here has been gorgeous all week, and this morning was no exception. From the warmth of the sun all week and the occasional rainstorms, the grass is growing and turning from dead and brown to a lush green, and our fruit trees are sprouting their colorful little buds. The birds have been singing and chasing each other nonstop, like they are all “twitterpated” (any Disney fans? That’s what they call it in Bambi!). Spring is here, indeed! And I love what spring means for my family, as mentioned in a previous post. […]

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